Social activities

SUN 19.02.2017 16:00 – 18:00 ICEBREAKER (Front of Conference venue)

SUN 19.02.2017 16:00 – 18:00 ICEBREAKER
(Front of Conference venue)

Meet your friends and colleagues in the winter paradise in front of the conference venue. Hot soup and beverages are served in traditional huts, sponsored by our platinum, gold and silver sponsors. In your conference bag, you will find a voucher for a conference cap sponsored by S4S and PerkinElmer. You can change your voucher at the ‘Gold Hut’ during the icebreaker. The cap (or your badge) is your entrance ticket for food and beverages during the icebreaker. (If you miss to receive your cap during the icebreaker event, you can get it during the vendor’s exhibition at the PerkinElmer booth!)

Adjacent to the area, you can experience ice-skating at the ice skating court of Sankt Anton (Entrance fee and Skating shoes for rent at your own expenses).

SUN 19.02.2017 18:00 – 20:00 GRAND OPENING (Conference venue)

SUN 19.02.2017 18:00 – 20:00 GRAND OPENING
(Conference venue)

Join the opening ceremony of the EWCPS2017 including the opening lecture by Sam Houk and the award ceremonies for the EWCPS2017 PhD grants, the Spectroscopy Award and the Plasma Awards sponsored by Agilent followed by the:

SUN 19.02.2017 20:00 – 22:00 WINE AND CHEESE RECEPTION
(Conference venue)

Join the opening of the exhibition and share your favorite bottle of wine with your colleagues:
Following a nice tradition, we invite you to bring a bottle of wine from your home country (or a favorite bottle of yours) and share it with your colleagues at the ‘Wine Table’ during the reception.

TUE 21.02.2017 20:30 – ??:?? APRÈS PLASMA PARTY (Postkeller, Sankt Anton) – upon registration

TUE 21.02.2017 20:30 – ??:?? APRÈS PLASMA PARTY
(Postkeller, Sankt Anton) – upon registration

Party time at a typical Après Ski location with finger food, drinks, live music and dancing!
Since we are in the middle of Carnival, you should get dressed, either typical for your country or just the way you feel crazy enough to party! You will have free entry at the venue with your Plasma Ticket and receive a voucher for 10 drinks upon your registration in your conference envelope. (The vouchers are good for specific drinks, but the bar tenders are flexible with your needs! )



Join the evening events hosted by Agilent or PerkinElmer (see link in the program for details).

FRI 24.02.2017 14:00 – 16:00 EWCPS SKI RACE (Zielstadion)

FRI 24.02.2017 14:00 – 16:00 EWCPS SKI RACE

Race or watch! About 50 skiing colleagues will be courageous enough to master the race. If you are one of the competitors, please follow the instructions, you received (you need to bring your own equipment!). If you want to watch the show, gather at the Finisher area, where you will receive hot beverages and traditional sausages. Norbert, the Schilehrer, Jakubowsky and Stephan, the Wedler, Hann will guide through the show.

 We congratulate the winners of the EWCPS2017 ski race

Women gold Simone Bräuer University of Graz, AUSTRIA Solutions4Science
Women silver Anastassiya Tchaikovsky BOKU Vienna, VIRIS Laboratory, AUSTRIA Agilent
Women bronze Regina Huber Shimadzu, Austria ThermoFisherScientific
Men gold Tobias Gysin Agilent Technologies, Sales, CH, Switzerland Spectro Ametek
Men silver Gernot Hudin Agilent Technologies, Austria Analytik Jena
Men bronze Oliver Steiner University of Graz, AUSTRIA Shimadzu
Bravery medal Lyndsey Hendriks ETHZ, D-CHAB, Switzerland Meinhard ESI
Best skiing style Olga Borovinskaya Tofwerk, Switzerland PerkinElmer
Best snowboarder Christoph Walcher University of Graz, AUSTRIA EWCPS2017

FRI 24.02.2017 20:00 – 24:00 CONFERENCE DINNER AND CLOSING (Conference venue) – upon registration

FRI 24.02.2017 20:00 – 24:00 CONFERENCE DINNER AND CLOSING (Conference venue) – upon registration

Join the last evening and the official closing ceremony together with typical Tyrolean food, drinks, entertainment and award ceremonies!


LUNCH BREAKS: Note that no food will be served during the lunch breaks but there are plenty of excellent places to eat in the hood. (If you want to go to a place together as a larger group, please make a reservation the day before – the EWCPS office will help you making the reservations).
Make also use of the lunch seminars provided by Agilent, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Teledyne/Cetac (all upon registration only)! Meinhard/ESI will provide light lunch at their booth on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Our students will provide some snacks for those who do not want to leave the venue at all and will be happy for some volunteer donations.

As a long EWCPS tradition, one place in town serves as ‘meeting point’ where you can meet friends and colleagues, have a beer (or more), some music, dance...all after the show. EWCPS2017 has an official partner in Sankt Anton, who provides exactly the requirements for after-conference-drinks:
The Postkeller (the venue where we host the Après Plasma Party) will be our ‘official’ evening meeting point during the week of the EWCPS2017. This will be the place, where you might find most of the late birds, who are still awake and want to talk, drink and dance... Usually, the place asks for an entrance fee (5 Euro), but your conference badge is your entrance ticket during the whole week. And if you join the Plasma Party on Tuesday and cannot finish all your vouchers, your vouchers are valid for drinks at the Postkeller throughout the whole week of the EWCPS 2017 (and even longer )!



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