Short course

ICP-MS and Field-Flow Fractionation for nanomaterial analysis

The short course introduces the topic of engineered and natural nanomaterials & nanoparticles on basis of the current definitions and addresses the following questions: What is a nanomaterial ? What are current fields of application? Which analytical techniques for nano material analysis exist?

The second part introduces into field-flow fractionation (FFF) which is n owadays often deployed for nanoparticle fractionation. Upon a short historical overview, the theoret ical background of FFF as well as hyphenation with ICP-MS is given.

Part three of the course highlights applications in nanomaterial analysis; especially by FFF.

This course will be held as an interactive session.

  • i) Definition on nanomaterials & nanoparticles and analytical techniques
  • ii) Field-flow fractionation – History & Theory
  • iii) Applications: Nanomaterials & FFF


Petra Krystek

Petra Krystek

Petra Krystek gained her PhD at the University of Mainz (1999). Her research is focused on analytical method developments for exposure studies about health and environmental risks. She worked at Thermo (1999-2001), RIVM (2001-2006) and Philips (2007-2015). In 2009, she joined the VU University, Amsterdam, as (visiting) scientist. She is also freelance assessor for ISO/IEC 17025 at the Dutch Accreditation Council and board member of the Section Analytical Chemistry of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society.

Kontakt Affiliation Topic
VU University of Amsterdam, NL Nanoanalysis, exposure studies

Björn Meermann

Björn Meermann

Dr. Björn Meermann is a research associate in the group of apl. Prof. Thomas Ternes within the Department of Aquatic Chemistry at the Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG) in Koblenz, Germany since 2012, as well as a “Habilitand” in association with the University of Koblenz-Landau since 2014.
He received his Dr. rer. nat. degree in Analytical Chemistry in 2009 from the University of Münster working on technical aspects of hyphenated techniques for speciation analysis of environmentally relevant chemical elements in the group of Prof. Uwe Karst.

Afterwards, he worked for almost two years as a Post-Doctoral researcher at Ghent University (Belgium) in the group of Prof. Frank Vanhaecke on the topic of speciation analysis of halogen-based drug metabolites by means of HPLC/ICP-MS and on-line isotope dilution.

His current research interests are focused on the topic of nanoparticle analysis by means of AF4/ICP-SFMS in combination with on-line isotope dilution and stable isotope tracers, as well as method development for speciation analysis of chemical elemental species in surface waters by means of HPLC/ICP-MS and CE/ICP-SFMS.

Kontakt Affiliation Topic
Federal Institute of Hydrology, Department G2 - Aquatic Chemistry, Koblenz, DE Field-Flow Fractionation, ICP-SFMS and enriched stable isotopes as powerful tools for nanoparticle analysis




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